We respect a patients’ individual right to self-determined goals and treatment plans and will continue to ensure comfort and safety are always at the forefront. This includes those who may choose to explore and/or pursue medications from the End of Life Option Act.

Although the End of Life Option Act is in effect, LA Jewish Health has chosen not to actively participate in this legislation. Participation is defined as entering into an agreement to do any one of the following by the Act:

  1. Performing the duties of an “attending physician”
  2. Performing the duties of a “consulting physician”
  3. Performing the duties of a “mental health specialist” when a referral to such specialist is made
  4. Delivering the prescription for, dispensing, or delivering the dispensed aid-in-dying medication
  5. Being present when the qualified individual takes the aid-in-dying drug

All LA Jewish Health employees, independent contractors, or other persons or entities, including health care providers are prohibited from participating in activities under the End of Life Option Act while on premises owned, under management or under direct control of LA Jewish Health, or while acting within the course and scope of their employment or contract with LA Jewish Health.

Regardless of a patient’s wishes to pursue end of life prescriptions under the Act, LA Jewish Health will continue to care and support the patient and family. We will explain the services available to you, ensuring we are meeting your physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs.

For additional questions, please connect with a Skirball Hospice team member at 818-774-3040.