Palliative Physician

The palliative physician directs care and consults with you, your family and personal physician to ensure the plan of care is being met.

Palliative Nurse Practitioner

A nurse practitioner (NP) coordinates the palliative patient care services. Services include assessment, evaluation of disease processes, supportive care and providing other treatments as needed and/or ordered.

LVN Palliative Coordinator

Our palliative coordinator takes care of all incoming inquires, requests and questions. Our palliative coordinator will likely be the first person you speak to and can be your main point of contact throughout your time on our service.

Social Worker

Upon request a social worker provides you and your family with counseling and emotional support, as well as assistance with advance directives, living wills and coordination of community resources.

Spiritual Counselor

Upon request a spiritual counselor offers guidance and support for you and your family.