At Skirball Hospice we have Rabbis and Jewish Chaplains who work alongside our team to help support patients, families and caregiver’s spiritual care needs.

Judaism teaches that G-d views us as intrinsically worthy. Every time we walk into a room, whether it is a hospital ICU or a patient’s bedroom, we are
reminded that this person is as valuable as any other human being.

Many patients fear the transition of leaving loved ones behind. We honor the dying when we address the sadness and fear of anticipatory grief, and focus not just on what we are afraid of, but on what we believe in. By connecting loved ones and enabling them to be there for one another, hospice gives us a chance to share a spontaneous prayer that comes from the heart and to give and receive comfort and relief for as long as we live. Here we can help one another by expressing our devotion, understanding the time will come to let each other go and knowing the bonds of love will remain stronger than death itself

Tröstende Hände